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Data Technology

Our Services

Custom Travel Application Support

We design and provide support for custom travel solutions including integration with existing accounting systems like quickbooks, databases, webservers and more..

Network Support

Suport for existing Networked infrastructure including, Active Directory, Domains, DNS Servers, Database Servers, ip4 & ip6 routing of firewalls

Travel Solutions

We do case studies and then implement cost effective solutions for small to medium sized Travel Businesses.

Server & Workstation Support

We provide support for existing webservers, workstations, NAS Storage, Routers, Switches, Printers, Firewalls, VOIP , APC & More..

Travel Application Support

This includes troubleshooting, installing , maintenance of GDS like Sabre ,Accounting Software like Quickbooks, VOIP Software (Verizon etc)

Travel Web Portal Solutions

This includes support for users and the operation of complex web solutions.

What Our Clients Say

Travel Agency

FG, Owner - Corporate Travel Agency

"TAW are very good at providing backend support when we need it.
Their online support is on par with the best."
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